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Reference Guide for Essential Oils

Reference Guide for Essential Oils (2016 Edition ) $39.95 

by Connie & Alan Higley

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Join the millions of individuals who are rediscovering the natural healing powers of essential oils!

Essential oils—the volatile aromatic liquids created by plants to help them maintain their own health and vitality—have been used by mankind for thousands of hears to help enhance physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Science has only recently begun to unravel how these precious liquids, and the chemical compounds they contain, can work to affect the body and mind.

This new full-color edition of the Reference Guide for Essential Oils brings the beauty of one of nature's most exquisite gifts, along with what recent scientific research has discovered about them, together in an exciting new format! This book's unique new color-coded system makes it simple for anyone to quickly find—and confidently use—recommended essential oils, oil blends, and essential oil-inspired supplements for hundreds of different health and wellness conditions.

New to this Addition:

  • New emotional blends for adults and children
  • New essential oil blends for pet care
  • Information on new supplements

Additionally, hundreds of footnotes throughout this book lead to summaries and references for more than 300 published research studies on essential oils and essential oil constituents. These unique features—along with detailed information on over 100 essential oils and 150 commercially-available oil blends, supplements, and personal care products—made this the perfect book for both seasoned oilers and those just beginning their journey into the fascinating world of nature's essential oils!

Size: 624 pages; 11" x 9" x 1" (with spiral binding).
Published in 2014.


Science and Application
Single Oils
Oil Blends
Personal Care Products
Notes & New Products
Personal Guide(over 600 health related topics)


Connie Higley has had a fascination for natural healing methods, relying on herbs and herbal remedies for much of her life. Always interested in natural ways to help maintain the health of her family, she has studied Educational Kinesiology and attended several lectures and conferences on natural healing methods. She received her bachelor's degree in Information Management in 1989 and developed a unique talent for organizing information. As a devoted mother, Connie became excited about the possible uses of essential oils when she learned about the therapeutic and emotional effects that could be achieved. In May 1995, she met Pat Leatham and was shown the pages of notes that Pat had compiled over the previous four months. Connie worked with Pat to organize the information, and then she expanded it for the two of them and their friends. The growing demand for this information has evolved into this book and others. Because of Connie's tremendous desire to help others by providing needed, well-organized information, she summoned the help of her husband, Alan Higley, and together they continue to research and expand this vital information.



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