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How I Came to Young Living Essential Oils

Several years ago I met an amazing and gentle healer, Catherine Burbank, who was using some very wonderful and powerful essential oils. As she shared a few of them with me, I felt my senses heighten, my body begin to relax, and become more peaceful. I had studied herbalism many years ago, so was familiar with essential oils, and so we talked about the healing benefits of aromatherapy.

She then offered to come to my office and do an Egyptian Emotional Clearing for me using these oils. Since I'd already had a chance to experience the wonderful fragrance of these oils, and their effects, I set up an appointment right away.  Who wouldn't benefit from some emotional clearing? I was amazed at the deep level of relaxation that I felt so quickly, while also feeling as if a weight had been taken off my shoulders. I immediately arranged to have her offer this clearing for a small group of friends. Another great session transpired with more wonderful results.

I was hooked. If aromatherapy with these oils could produce such results, I certainly wanted to add them to my repertoire of healing techniques in my massage and Reiki practice. My goal there is to reduce stress, and to provide deep relaxation for my clients as soon as possible. When the body is stressed, the muscles tense up; the more tense the client, the less results produced. I believe the muscles respond quicker when the stress is reduced in the mental & emotional fields first. A great way to begin the relaxation process is with a few drops of Lavender essential oil. Massage, energy healing, and the client's willingness to participate, or to 'let go', do the rest. Peppermint also provides welcome relief to tired, achy feet.

 Catherine shared with me about her own healing with the oils 16 year prior, and that she'd been using Young Living Essential Oils since that time. She was happy to answer all my questions about the oils, & the company they came from, how they were grown, and processed, etc. I was impressed with the integrity of the company, the research, the education offered, the clarity and high quality of the oils, as well as their healing benefits on many levels. Although I had been using essential oils for years, there was no comparison.

I was eager to purchase the oils right away. Catherine said I could Become a Member and Place an Order, either as a retail customer, or as an Independent Distributor (who pays a small, one time fee, and purchases at the wholesale level).  As one who's been in retail for many years, it was an easy decision for me, knowing I'd want to take advantage of the 24% savings. I signed up here.... 

I quickly informed Catherine that I only wanted the oils for my own use, and my practice... I didn't want to 'sell' and I certainly did not want to 'recruit'. Catherine assured me that neither was required. I established a wholesale account as an Independent Distributor, placed an order for the Everyday Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit and patiently awaited the arrival of my new oils. 

When they arrived, I began using them on myself, remembering their healing properties I had learned in my Herbalism apprenticeship. Gradually, I introduced them to my clients during their massages. The difference was remarkably noticeable. Some I diffused, some I blended with my massage oils, and sometimes just a drop was placed strategically on the corner of my massage linens for the client to breathe in. I eventually discovered Valor to be very centering and grounding, and began to use it on the bottoms of the feet at the beginning of each session to balance the electrical energies within the body.

I even offered a few as part of my meditation group. JOY was the favorite there! 

 Eventually, some folks wanted their own oils. This was the beginning of my Young Living family. I called upon Catherine to assist me by offering an Introduction to the Oils. I like to share, and educate, through classes and workshops.

I now offer Everyday Essential Oils for Well-BEing quite often.

Thank you, Catherine, for your many teachings, gifted healings, and most of all, your blessed and divine friendship.

To the people who have joined me over the past few years, welcome, and thank you for being part of my Young Living Family. Please know that I am here to answer any questions you may have, or to assist you in any way.

Many blessings, Peg

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