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For pain reduction, relaxation and overall well-being....


 BiomatThe Far-Infrared Bio Mat is included in all massage, energy healing, and detoxification sessions.

The Biomat is a 17 layer 'pad' which lays on a massage table, or your home mattress, or even the floor. It uses non-invasive thermo-therapy waves to access deep tissues. The BioMat combines ancient traditional therapies with modern space age technologies. The BioMat delivers therapeutic Far Infrared Rays (FIR), and Negative Ions through Amethyst Quartz crystals. This tri-energy system relieves pain and restores balance & energy to the human body.

Far Infrared Rays (FIR) ~ Nature's Invisible Light warms the body with radiant heat, penetrating 6-8 inches when amplified by amethyst quartz. Known to remove toxins, purifies blood, clear out free radicals, revive cells, and reduce swelling and inflammation. FIR also improves lymphatic flow and enhances immune function

Negative Ions ~ Nature's Energizer ~ Considered the "Master Power Switch" activating the body's entire cellular communication system; these negative ions restore the pH to a balanced, alkalized state, while promoting deep relaxation, and enhanced sleep. Decreased drowsiness and stress are also benefits, as well as enhanced mental well-being.

Healthy cells require high concentrations of negative ions to eliminate toxins, cellular waste & carbon dioxide, thus enhancing the absorption of nutrients & oxygen.

Amethyst Crystals ~ Nature's Super Conductor, imparts a soothing & calming effect, while providing powerful detoxification for respiratory, digestive and cellular disorders.  They naturally amplify Far Infrared Rays, making them more compatible to the body, while promoting peacefulness, and well-being.

The Mini BioMat 

The Biomat is approved by the FDA under the category 510K with the following benefits: 

Temporary relief of minor muscle pain.

Minor joint pain and stiffness.

Joint pain associated with arthritis.

Muscle spasms.

Minor sprains.

Minor strains.

Minor muscular back pain.

Relaxation of muscles.

Temporary increase of local circulation where applied.

Some statements regarding the Biomat have not been evaluated by the FDA.

"The primary gift to humans and animals is the BioMat's ability to provide an environment in which the body is able to carry off the acidic wastes and toxins as it was designed to to. When these wastes are removed, the body's health and vitality are restored. The relaxing warmth of the BioMat delivers an overall 'internal' massaging effect, soothing nerves, muscles and cleansing the body of toxins with the natural healing properties of FIR (amplified amethyst) and negative ions"  ~ Universal BioMat ~

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All sizes Available for purchase. Ask me about a Professional Discount!  

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Indulge yourself in a massage on the BioMat, and experience even deeper relaxation. Enjoy the accumulative benefits of regular massages !

DISCLAIMER: Biomat resources are not intended to cure, diagnose or treat medical conditions, nor are they intended to substitute for the product User's Guide. Please consult with your physician before initiating this or any new healthcare program. 
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