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60 Min Relaxation Massage ~ $90 ~ A variety of massage techniques are applied to release tension, increase circulation, and to manipulate the soft tissues of the body. Vigorous strokes may be used to energize the body, while slow, nurturing strokes evoke a wonderful, healing state of deep relaxation. A combination is in order for full-body stress management and sleep deprivation.

90 Min Relaxation Massage ~ $125 ~ Gentle enough to relax the muscles, calm the mind, and soothe the soul,  full body massage with time allowed for specific areas needing more attention. Some choose this time for 60 min of massage, followed by 30 min of energy healing... your choice!

Peaceful Dragonfly Massage ~ $140 ~ Indulge your senses as you connect to your body, mind, heart and spirit through this extended healing session of peacefulness. Offering a variety of healing modalities to gently coax your muscles into relieving pain and tightness, this flowing massage is designed to induce deep relaxation. With aligned intention, and guided by Divine intuition, my capable hands work their magic to gently release stress, tension and dis-ease, thus allowing your body’s natural healing abilities to bring you back into ease and balance. Time allowed at the end of massage for your body to integrate this healing process. Includes Aromatherapy using Young Living Essential Oils.  May include Energy & Sound Healing.  Peaceful and restful.....

Please allow 2 hrs time for this massage w/90 min+ table time..... 

Integrative Spirit Massage ~ 90 min ~ $125. ~  is a deep, muscular massage designed to relieve stress, quiet the mind and allow the receiver to be in touch with their deeper rhythms. It is especially helpful for people who are stressed, scattered, or are in emotional turmoil. It provides stress relief, deep relaxation, and increased mental, emotional and spiritual clarity. It includes Intention, Energy clearing, Myofascial Release, Lymphatic Drainage, and Guided Imagery.

Reiki ("Ray-Key") ~60 min ~ $90  ~  90 min ~ $115 means Universal Life Force ~ the healing and loving creative energy that flows through and around all life. Reiki facilitates the body's own natural healing abilities through the gentle 'laying on of hands'. It creates a warm and relaxing energy flow as it moves through the practitioner into the recipient. The energy one receives is not the practitioners, but the subtle life force energy of all of creation. Reiki has many healing benefits. It is simple, non-invasive, effective, and complete. It reduces tension, anxiety, pain and stress.  It enhances sleep, balances the body's energies, provides a safe place for emotional release,and offers deep relaxation.  It enhances other healing modalities. Shamballa brings added energies to the session to deepen your healing experience. Includes time to learn about your needs and expectations for seeking energy healing, as well as time for integration and questions at end of session.

60 min Deep Tissue Massage  $100 ~ Targets deeper into the layers of muscle and tissue where chronic pain resides, to release trigger points or knots. (Not recommended for first time massage)

Egyptian Emotional Clearing ~ 90 Min ~ $115~ Private session.... more info here 

30 min Deep Tissue Massage ~ $65 ~ Targets specific area: Neck and Shoulders,  Hips and lower back, Feet and Lower Legs, injuries, etc.

30 Min BioMat Sessions ~ $55 ~ Enjoy time on this amazing, temper controlled, mat with soothing music playing in the background to lull you into a deep relaxation. Peg will guide you with some deep breaths to begin, and will bring you gently back into the present moment, feeling centered and peaceful. Some call this their 'nap time'. Client remains fully clothed.

"The BioMat" combines ancient traditional therapies with modern space age technologies. The BioMat delivers therapeutic (1) Far Infrared Rays (2) Negative Ions through (3) Amethyst Quartz crystals. This tri-energy system relieves pain and restores balance & energy to the human body." ~ Universal BioMat  

 Intuitive Energy Healing ~ let your practitioner use her intuitive abilities to guide her in which energies and modalities to use for your particular needs.

Angel Card Readings 60 minutes $75


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