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Peg Leighton, Licensed Massage Therapist, Master Teacher in Reiki and Shamballa Energies


With my deepest gratitude to all those who chose to write a review! I love and appreciate all of you. Thank you.

Instead of feeling like a limp rag when I was done, I felt energized. Also I didn’t feel oily and my hair was fine even tho Peg massaged my scalp. I must say that the very best part was that I slept through the night. That hasn’t happened in years. Holly S  Aug 2019

Peg gives me such a calming and relaxed feeling while there and afterwards. She has given me ideas to try at home to stay relaxed and help with my anxiety. Peaceful Dragonfly is an top class massage and Reiki spa. Unlike regular larger spas when you go Peg makes you feel welcome and important. I would definitely recommend Peg to friends. Thank you Peg. You are the best! MLS Aug 2019

Terrific healing experience! Peg worked with me during a 60-minute intuitive healing session and helped release stuck energies that were causing my body discomfort. She is a gifted therapist who used a combination of Reiki and sound / vibration healing to assist me during a pivotal session. I'm glad I found her when I did, and highly recommend her to anyone wanting to release stuck energies (emotionally and/or physically). Megan Eaton, Aug 7, 2017

Peg is a skilled massage therapist and gifted healer, not to mention an all-around wonderful human being. I always look forward to my appointments with her, and happily recommend her talents. Meghan W.  Jan 2017  ~  Raindrop Therapy Technique

Peg is an incredible massage therapist......that not only is in touch with what the body needs but also the spirit......I love that she uses the Young Living Essential Oils with her sessions, as it takes it to a deeper level of relaxation and wellness.......

Catherine B. Nov 26, 2016

Peg is a delight!! Her techniques are wonderful and I always feel so good when I leave her office. She is so caring and feeling towards her clients. I recommend her highly for anyone who wants to feel good!!!!

Janet L. Nov 20, 2016

She has a wonderful healing touch and having the Bio mat as an additional is just heaven. Cant wait to see your new place Namaste  ~ Elaine, Emma & Karen ~ Aug 31, 2015

"Dear Peg,
I just want to thank you for the wonderful relief you provided with the massage. I had just completed a long session with the physical therapist for my back problem (compression fracture) which alleviated the pain. However, my legs and lower back were exceptionally stiff. I asked him about someone who could do a massage and he handed me your card. I went directly to you and fortunately you had a slot open.The massage was quite intense and you advised that I might have some discomfort from the massage. As a matter of fact, the massage was marvelously effective. All muscles were loose and the amount of force that you used was just right. Relief but no resulting soreness.
I just want you to know that I sincerely appreciate your kind application of what must be a GOD given talent.
Thank you.
Frank Mrozek"

“I appreciate Peg's professionalism and kindness. I met her at a workshop held at her place of business. She treated me with so much respect and courtesy. Being such a person of quality and reaching out to me with genuine interest, I highly recommended her and her healing gifts. I felt better just being around her and her center. Thank you Peg. In peace and light----Lisa Carlson, LMT” June 15, 2011

Janine J. Lake

Owner, Graceful Touch Massage and Bodywork (colleague)

“I've had the pure pleasure of meeting Peg in massage school in 2004. Peg and I had an instant connection and spent many hours studying and working along side one another. Since graduating, Peg and I have maintained both a professional and personal relationship. She is a highly skilled massage therapist and Reiki Practitioner. Her ability to connect with her clients on an intuitive and energetic level, makes her among the best in her field. She has been my mentor, my classmate, my confidant and my friend.. You will not be disappointed...” November 4, 2010

 "Peg provides way more than a massage. Her presence alone is very calming. You will benefit in so many ways from her diverse background in metaphysical healing. Enjoy!"
~ Amy Gebo, Healer and Teacher
"I wanted to let you know that by far that was the best massage I've gotten! The breathing technique really made a difference during the massage and I had so much less tension in my neck and shoulders afterwards! With most other massages I haven't felt a real difference beyond the sleep relaxation right afterwards. Thanks again. I will certainly be contacting you in the future!"
~ Erin McMyne, "fitness trainer and nutrition consultant"
"Wow! After a YEAR of no feeling in my hand, I am beginning to feel it, again. Thanks Peg Leighton, you are a miracle worker. For those of you who need an amazing massage therapist, give her a call." ~ Nancy Barnaby, NH Educator
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